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Slovak choir Adoremus was founded in the year 1992 as an all-Slovak vocal subject oriented to sacral music. Adoremus is a civic subject oriented to spread Christian music and to help to its aggrandizing.

The choir works in the form of meetings under the artistic supervising of conductor Mgr. Art. Dusan Bill. Voice supervisor of the choir is PhDr. Olga Simova, CSc and the corepetitor is an organist player Mgr. Art. Marek Vrabel.

The home of Adoremus is a town Vrable.

The repertoire of the choir has wide area of engagement into historic evolution of sacral choir music (Gregorian choir, “polyphónia sacra”, classic Christian production, Slav's church songs of eastern ceremony, Negro spiritual music, vocal / instrumental records). One of the choir’s domination is a presentation of the sacral music of our music composers from the early ages up to present days.

From its foundation, Adoremus was successfully presented on many international festivals of sacral music, in the most of the Slovak cities as well as in foreign countries – Czech republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Poland. Adoremus cooperated with Slovak television, Slovak broadcast, radio Vatikan, radio Lumen, with Slovak Philharmony Kosice and with many artists and music composers.

In the year 1993 recorded songs with Taizé MC “Blizko je Pan” (Close is the Lord), in the year 1999 CD record “Cantate Domino” and in 2001 CD “Vianocne koledy”(Christmas Carols).

In the year 2000 on international competition of choirs Iuventus mundi cantat in Olomouc, in the category of Christian music won the gold medal.

Slovak choir Adoremus, except concerts, is also active in the liturgical, edit and educational field. It sang on a church services and important Christian celebrations. Adoremus organizes all-Slovak training for conductors and organic players and seminars of Christian music. In 1995, Adoremus founded and for 3 years published quarterly Adoremus – magazine about Christian music. Its descendant is a magazine Adoramus te.

Tradition of sacral music belongs in all cultural nations to the invaluable treasures. This treasure has to be saved and aggrandized for next generation. With its activities, Slovak choir Adoremus wants to contribute to vitalize and maintain this traditions. o contribute to vitalize and maintain this traditions.



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